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Visual Arts Submission Forms

Visual Arts Submission Form

Please see below an outline of the Entry process:

If you would like a chance to see your work displayed at our Festival, this is the place to get started. Invited to participate are all artists of all ages and career paths, whether they are students, graduates, full-time or part-time, amateurs or professionals. Just follow the simple steps:

1. Submit your works

You may submit online if you only are a Visual Orthodox Artist.

  • If you are a visual artist, you may submit a minimum of 5 works (Iconographers, Fine Artists & Church Interior Designers).

  • The only requirement is the works to be *Inspired by our Faith.
    At the moment, we accept images of paintings, portable icons, photographs, frescoed walls, mosaics & stained glass.

Cropped images with a resolution of no more than 90 dpi and dimensions of approximately 1500 × 1500 pixels should be optimised for the web. We like them to be stored in jpeg format. If you are unable to optimise them, we will have to charge £5 for each artwork due to the time involved.

2. Enter the works details and upload the appropriate images if necessary.

Please complete the forms in lowercase letters, not capitals.

We will also need your complete contact information, a link to your website, if applicable, and a personal photograph with biographical information. Additionally, we recommend that you send a short phone video of your studio in action or a very short video presentation of some of your work.
If the artwork is for sale, include the selling price as well as the artwork's exact dimensions, including the frame (If your artwork does not include a frame, we may add a lovely digital one as the background colour frequently affects visibility).

* LIVE EXHIBITIONS, TALKS, DEMONSTRATIONS, AND PRESENTATIONS: For the first time, we will accept live initiatives that bring artists and the public together.
We would love to promote and partner with such initiatives, so please feel free to organise one (for example a live tour of your studio, talking in real time about your work and answering messages and emails or a live debate over important issues regarding your artistic genre etc.).
Therefore, please complete the form with all relevant info about your live event (Language, Title, Topic, YouTube link, Zoom invitation, Date & Time, Participants, Promotional Photo etc.) or if you wish to organise something later, send us an email with all the necessary details.


Please also note that we have the ability to sell some of the artworks in our online shop, so click if you are interested in the service and we will come back to you.

If you do not speak English fluently, you can always use
GOOGLE TRANSLATE. We recommend it because it is fairly accurate. If any remaining misunderstandings exist, we will contact you for clarifications.

**Ensure that you have marked all required fields with a *star; otherwise, you will be unable to submit the form.


3. Pay your Submission fees

A submission form does not guarantee** your participation in the Festival.
If your submissions are accepted, you will be charged a minimum of £25 for each submission form (not personal, group or business logo photos) paid via another form. We do not also charge for links to live event presentations.
If you are unable to pay online, please send us an email explaining your situation and requesting payment in cash or by bank transfer.
The Fees are not refundable.

**Please note that we will notify you whether or not your entry was successful.


   What happens next?

We will review your submissions and contact you as soon as possible if you are selected.
Then, on the Successful Applicants page, you must make an online payment for the admission fee.
We will be solely responsible for the layout and presentation of all works in the Festival, based on our prior experience.
If you are a Visual Artist (Iconographer, Fine Artist, Interior Designer, etc.), your work will be displayed in Virtual Reality Galleries as well as in specially designed Presentation Pages.

   Voting / Awards

The Orthodox Arts Festival's Excellence Certificates 2023 will be given to all the visual artists who have shown exceptional skill. Voting will be conducted online and will be open to the general public via our specially designed Voting Forms.
Our Voting Panel will assess the submissions and present the results.


You must submit your digital entry form by May the 1st, 2023, at the latest. We will not accept any late submissions.

*Bear in mind that once capacity is reached, the Submission Portal will Close.