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Artificial Intelligence Fraud

Today, it seems like everyone is selling online images created by Artificial Intelligence programs. But remember that unchecked soulless creativity has consequences, and that you will have to face them once your life has had enough fast food psychedelic dreams. Th

is will have a devastating effect on the economy as a whole, eliminating countless jobs. We are the artists who support the art industry and the whole chain that supports. But it doesn't stop there. This isn't just a problem for us; it's a problem for authors ( articles & books are written by AI as we speak), musicians, filmmakers, and, I'm willing to bet, most other professions as well. They will use the machine to replace you if you give them your support. Don't wait for the snake to grow up to kill it. You probably think there will unquestionably be a few things left for you to do. To answer your question, yes, there be a Slave. SAY NO TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

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