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We offer Giclee Prints of exceptional quality. When ordering, please bear in mind that we don't hold prints in stock. They are made to order. For further information about Quality & Shipping,  refer to the information panel on this page.

The Eye of the Needle - Giclée Print

  • The Giclee Canvas Print is of the highest quality.

    Each custom stretched canvas begins with a 12-colour Giclée print on Canvas 400gsm. 

    It is a white, 100% cotton canvas meeting the highest standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness.

    It is a premium branded option that is perfect for digital art, colour photography as well as limited edition prints.

    We use custom wooden frame to stretch and roll the canvas print over it.

    The canvas is then hand finished by our experienced framing team, who ensure each corner fold is perfectly smooth and tight.

    We use a premium stretcher bar in 38mm, made from a heavy, superior quality wood.

    Each canvas frame is milled with a curved profile; minimising contact with the face of the canvas; preventing unsightly impression marks and surface cracking.

    We use finger jointed canvas frames to create corner tension which helps to resist warping. For larger sizes, we add wooden ‘wedges’ to each corner; ensuring the canvas surface remains taut and allowing for easy re-stretching in future years.

    Pro-lab print on demand process with 100+ year colour guarantee

    Choice of four different canvas print media

    We use white edge finish.

    Stretcher bars milled from the finest quality European kiln-dried knotless pine.

    Tensioning ‘wedges’ and finger joints are all handmade by experienced canvas framers

    All print canvasses are unframed.

    Giclee paper prints are without mount and they delivered in a postal tube for protection - Please take care when you handle them. Avoid water drops, sharp objects and dirty hands.

    (Giclee is the first and only fine art print to be made with an ink jet printer. Pronounced, zhee'clay, the word comes from the French, meaning to spray, which is exactly what an ink jet printer does. ... The quality of a giclee print is far superior to all other forms of printing.Giclee prints offer both artists and collectors a number of benefits. ... Giclees are more expensive to reproduce than the bulk prints made using traditional lithography and they are priced accordingly, but, it goes without saying, that they aren't as valuable as original works.Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. (a world-leader in image-longevity testing) has established that these “Archival Prints”/”Giclee Prints” will last around 100 years before any noticeable shift in color integrity occurs.)

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