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Eleftherios seeks the truth in each event with expressive power, in a complex stage and forms of a perfectly well-presented narrative.

He impresses with its dramatic skies, daringly enriched colour combinations, intense contrasts, and dynamic light.

He prefers the perspective of depth, elaborately highlighting the composition in a "painting within the painting" style.

His monumental creations project intense emotional charge and enhance feelings of awe. They depict Historical events, a preservation of cultural past and memory.”

"The series" Naval battles "by Eleftherios Klouvatos are paintings of extraordinary historical naval battles and naval conflicts.

With realistic interpretation and historical accuracy based on collections of articles by historians, analysts, and journalists from renowned publications, websites, television documentaries, and other references from World Maritime History."

Klouvatos Lefteris

Klouvatos Lefteris

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