A few words about Virtual Reality...

How to navigate inside a VR Gallery Video

WATCH the Video and READ ... before you start viewing a Virtual Reality Gallery.

...Thought it doesn't require to wear a virtual reality headset (non-immersive technology) it will need a computer with enough memory and updated operating system that it supports the programme.  We have noticed that the virtual app won't work or move fast enough with some old computers, tablets or phones. Yes you can purchase online or contact the artist directly.

Buying Online

  1. Click the info (i) button

  2. Then click on a link that will take you to the artist website and you can purchase directly from there.

Some tips of how to navigate in Virtual Space

  1. Use the arrows in the screen to move around 

  2. Use the mouse. Depending on the age of your computer you can click on the floor of the gallery to navigate faster

Some tips of how to zoom on the images

      Use the mouse's scroll wheel if you have a mouse with one. It can increase or decrease the size of the painting.      


 ...And don't forget to Turn Your Sound On. Have Fun...