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- Digital Art -

Ioannis Antoniadis made these Digital Artworks between February 2023 and June 2024. The Heavenly Kingdom of Angels and Holy People served as the inspiration for this collection of digital art composites. The process of completing each artwork ranged from two and a half weeks to two months. We mentioned this to ensure there is no misunderstanding about the level of personal work required to create, perfect and bring the images to their current state.
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Ioannis Antoniadis


“Streams of Paint and Radiant Light...The Artist Walking in Worlds Unseen where Living Flames Move into Silent Pictures... and the Light Have a Voice in the Silence ...”

Image by Cat Han

Ioannis is one of the pioneers of Inspirational Art. He has a passion for the inspiring factor in art... His work evokes ideas, moods, and emotions through the harmony of imagery, color, and space. Within the intimacy of his work, there is an attempt to establish a connection between the Viewer, the Creative Spirit, and the Mystery of Art. He has exhibited widely in the UK and Greece. You can find his paintings, prints, and drawings in private and public collections All over the World. He is currently the Director of the "Heavenly Path Art Gallery" in Glastonbury and the Founder and Director of Glastonbury School of Art. MORE

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