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About Us

"The Heavenly Path Art Gallery is an Open Door to wonderful possibilities"

- Ioannis Antoniadis, the Heavenly Path Art Gallery's founder and manager, founded the gallery in 2010.


From its physical location in Glastonbury, UK, the Gallery entered in a Metamorphosis state, and now it is also a Virtual Reality Gallery.

The change resulted after long research on the Virtual Reality community for a suitable & affordable exhibition space and recent events prompted us to expand to the global virtual reality space in 2020, where now we exist as the alter ego of the physical gallery in UK.


Our goal is straightforward.


To provide possibilities for great Artists, as well as to share their creativity and inspiration with the rest of the world by organising exhibitions, competitions, festivals and other promotional events events. We chose to do so by utilising available technology to dismantle the physical constraints associated with traditional venue-based events.

To reach the widest possible audience, we utilise internet technology, such as Virtual Reality Platforms. Digital Art, Fine Art & Photography, are the fields currently represented in the Gallery.

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