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About Us

"The Heavenly Path Art Gallery is an Open Door to countless possibilities"

" What do we do?

We transform Art engagement.

Everything we did is with you in mind, the the artist, the collector, the visitor.

We know that you might feel cut off from the action for whatever reason, but we insist on pushing the boundaries.

We want to bring Art to your own home and many options at your fingertips.

We want you to enjoy art, and for that reason, we created virtual reality environments to give you the experience.

You are our esteemed guest, and we are, the Future of Art.

Welcome to our site."


- The Heavenly Path Art Gallery was established in 2010 by its founder and manager, Ioannis Antoniadis.

From its physical location in Glastonbury, UK, the Gallery entered a Metamorphosis state, and now it is also a Virtual Reality Gallery. 

The change resulted after long research on the Virtual Reality community for a suitable & affordable exhibition space and the current situation with the virus who prompted us to expand to the global virtual space in 2020, where now we exist as the alter ego of the physical gallery in UK. 

With our services significantly enhanced, we now operate as a worldwide gallery offering a web browser series of platforms of (non-immersive) virtual reality from where many artists may showcase their works.