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Biography - Ioannis Antoniadis

“Streams of Paint and Radiant Light...The Artist Walking in Worlds Unseen where Living Flames Move into Silent Pictures... and the Light Have a Voice in the Silence ...”


Ioannis Antoniadis was born in Thessalonica, a major city of Hellas (Greece) in February 1964.
He experienced the hard educational system of his time, the Hellenic society deeply divided by the pain inflicted by two world wars, one civil and a dictatorship but also the supreme pleasure in bathing in the ancient light of his country.
He arrived to London 2 years after his Army Service as an officer, in May 1990.
There he complimented his quest in painting with studies relating to the quest of  Spiritual Transformation.
“…As I was trying to imitate Christian ideals, I became aware of a new Dimension in Art.  Since then my work became something like a prayer providing a reflection of the struggle to lift one self above the sorrow and anguish of the World.  
It has been a continuous effort to try to portray this luminous world.  In my mind I see a Heavenly Prism translating light to millions of possibilities, colours, ideas, feelings, and forms... revealing in my heart the nature of Grace...”
"...As I paint, a vision of a world where inner beauty, wisdom, and truth prevails emerges in my mind.
This is how I've come to terms with my identity as a Spiritual Being on the path to Divinity and how I've come to accept my destiny.  The path that Christ outlined for his followers."

Ioannis has a passion for the inspiring factor in the art... His work evokes ideas, moods and emotions through the harmony of imagery, colour and space. Within the intimacy of his work, there is an attempt to establish a connection between the Viewer, the Creative Spirit and the Mystery of Art. He has exhibited in UK and Greece his paintings, prints and drawings can be found in private and public collections all around the World. He currently manages the "Heavenly Path Art Gallery" and the "Glastonbury School of Art" in Glastonbury in UK where he lives with his family.





Chelsea College of Arts & Design, London, UK.


Group & Fair Exhibitions (last six years):

2014 "Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Heaven", Walcott Chapel Gallery, Bath, UK

2009 “Dreams”, Enigma Gallery, Athens, Greece

2008 “Prelude Art Fair”, Spitalfields, London, UK

2007 “The Yoga Show”, Olympia, London, UK

2007 “Members Exhibition” The Arts Club, London, UK

2007 “Images of the Divine", Orleans House Gallery, Richmond Upon Thames, UK

2006 "Arts Gigantic Festival", EastGrinstead, UK

2006 "Inspirational Arts Festival", 20th Century Theatre, London, UK

2005 "Michael Hall Fair", Forest Row UK

2004 “ Blue Moon Gallery", Tunbridge Wells UK

2001 "The Face of Unknown", Wittley's Gallery, London, UK

2000 "Leyton Competition", Leyton House Gallery, London, UK

2000 "Millenium Greek Art, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK

1999 "Candid Best," The Candid Gallery, London, UK

1999 "Leyton Competition", Leyton House Gallery, London, UK


Solo Shows:

2014 "Hermits & Guardians", Glastonbury Galleries, Glastonbury, UK

2014 "Hermits & Guardians", Wells Cathedral, Wells, UK

2012 "Heavenly Light", The Heavenly Path Art Gallery, Glastonbury, UK

2011 "Light on the Path", Glastonbury Galleries, Glastonbury, UK

2010 “ESOTERA World of Light”, Old Archaeological Museum, Thessalonica, Greece

2010 “ESOTERA World of Light”, Enigma Gallery, Athens, Greece

2009 "Mysterion" Rainbow's End Art Gallery, Kardamili, Greece

2008 "Mysterion" Aristotelion Art Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece

2007 "SPIRIT", Greensteed Gallery, East Grinstead, UK

2006 "Esotera...Visions of Beauty", Christopher Gull Gallery, Brighton, UK

2005 "Esotera...Visions of Beauty", Greensteed Gallery, East Grinstead, UK

2005 "Esotera", Treadwell's, Covent Garden, London UK

2004 "A Mysterious Puzzle", Philalethia Center - East Grinstead, UK

2002 "Intuitive Art "Nufaro Centre, Thessalonica, Greece

2001 "The Elements", Asteras Centre Gallery, Paros island, Greece

2000 "Light on the path", Candid Gallery, London, UK

1999 "Entering the Silence", Art Connoisseur Gallery, London, UK



2006 - 8 Member of the famous "The Arts Club" in London.



2021 - 2022 Organiser of the Orthodox Arts Festival

2014 - Now Director of "Glastonbury School of Art" UK (Current)

2010 - Now Director of "The Heavenly Path Art Gallery", Glastonbury, UK  (Current)

2008 - 2010 Director of "Rainbow's End Art Gallery", Kardamyli, Greece

2005 Managing Director of Inspirational Arts Festival London 2006

2003 - 2004 was the managing director of a Greek Art search engine, Thessaloniki, Greece

1999 - 2001 was the managing director of a London based Art Agency "Perfect Vision Promotions", London, UK

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