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General info about the Virtual Reality Galleries

While these types of virtual galleries do not require the use of a virtual reality headset (non-immersive technology), they do require a computer with sufficient memory and a supported operating system.
We've noticed that the virtual app does not function properly or moves quickly enough on some older computers, tablets, and phones.

More Information

  1. Click the info (i) button on the top right of the exhibited image.

Some tips of how to navigate in Virtual Space

  1. Use the arrows in the screen to move around 

  2. Use the mouse. Depending on the age of your computer you can click on the floor of the gallery to navigate faster

How to zoom on the images

      First click on the image to get closer. You can also use the mouse's scroll wheel if you have a mouse with one. It can increase or decrease the size of the painting.  For mobiles and tablets use your fingers.    


 ...And don't forget to Turn Your Sound On. Have Fun...

Navigation Tips

Step 1

1. Click "ENTER THE EXHIBITION" to start  Manually or "START GUIDED TOUR" for Automatic Tour.


Step 2

2. Click the Circle right up with the Three Lines to Open the MENU.


Step 3

3. Click the Arrows to manually  navigate inside the gallery or double click the mouse on the floor or the wall. You can also use your finger for mobiles and tablets.


Step 4

4. Click the broken Square symbol to

enter Full Screen. It is recommended.


Step 5

5. Click the EXIT Full Screen Cross symbol to Exit full screen.


Step 6

7. When you are infront of an artwork click the Symbol (i) on the right top for Information about the artwork & the artist. 

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