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About Virtual Reality Art Galleries


Hiring & Exhibiting in our Virtual Reality Galleries

We now offer our virtual reality exhibition spaces & services to Artists, Art Festivals, Art Museums, Art Clubs & Art Societies from around the world.

Virtual Reality Art Galleries designed for artists who want to engage with new audiences beyond the confines of a physical gallery. 

We offer a series of Virtual Reality Platforms (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM) that don't require a headset from where many artists may showcase their works.

We aim to link art and technology and provide access to potential customers & art lovers out of reach.


Our mission is to strengthen and enhance the communication between these two adjoining worlds.


We work hand in hand with artists, collectors & virtual reality developers to make the best use of the latest 3D technologies.


When applied wisely, we believe digitization helps to preserve and share our cultural heritage and helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry.

The artworks we currently accept are 2D while we have worked out ways to exhibit sculptures too. We also accept a small number of short videos & sound files.

The artwork is assessed on its merits, rather than the artists' past achievements, and there is no preference regarding the medium in which the artwork is made.


We invite Artists, Groups, Clubs, Art Schools and Curators to view the gallery's exhibition space before submitting a proposal.


We will be viewing hiring proposals for organised exhibitions throughout the year. 

*We are currently accepting applications for 2021. We offer Plans for a Month hire or for a Year with Prices starting from £149.

To view our Plans, please complete 


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